Straight hair can look stunning especially if it’s long and smooth. One of the most famous used and efficient temporary way to get the perfect straight hair is straightening with flat irons. Todays new technologies has made flat ironing safer than ever allowing us to choose from different kinds of ceramic or metal iron plates to temperature control depending on the hair type and condition.
The first step we have to take before beginning flat ironing is ensuring the hair is well washed and conditioned as well, since a perfect base ends up with a perfect results – wash the hair very well with appropriate shampoo and have it conditioned as well. Use a towel to remove the excess moisture. Dry the hair completely with a hair dryer using a round or flat brush.
Due to the high heat and direct contact of the flat iron to the hair there is a big risk of damaging the hair, leading to dry hair and split ends. But there is no reason that the hair should be damaged if a proper heat protection is previously done. There are a lot of products on the market as silicones, straightening balms and heat protection sprays and mousses that will help you protect hair when used before ironing.
After making sure that you’ve put enough of a heat protection product, preferably applying it beginning from the ends through the rest of the hair, you can begin the hair straightening process. Divide the hair into three or four sections using a hair clips and begin straightening. For better results take smaller partitions of hair and use a comb passing it before the flat iron to avoid kinks. You can do the straightening slowly passing the flat iron more than once and you don’t have to worry since the hair is well heat protected.
When all the sections are straightened a revision is advisable – take bigger parts of the hair especially where the sections were made to make a smooth blending and pass the flat irons through them. Make sure that the backside is well done too and go over the sections that are ready to ensure a sleek and smooth result. You can finish with a hair shine spray to make that glossy final look and enjoy your smooth hair!

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