Frequently asked questions about the product


Q: What results should I expect from the treatment?

A: Smoothing, reducing the volume, hydration and reconstruction of the hair.


Q; Can I do the treatment on previously chemically treated hair?

A; Yes. The treatment works best on hair that were chemically treated before. The more damaged the hair by previous treatments with chemical-based products, the better result you can see.


Q; Does the product causes any unpleasant smell? Does it cause irritation to the eyes or the throat?

A: No. Formaldehyde and glutaraldehyde are the chemical products causing these undesirable effects. The new formula of the product does not contain these products.


Q: Can I dye my hair or do highlights after the treatment?

A: Yes. It is advisable and better to be made before treatment of Micro Sealing, because the more chemically treated the hair is, the better the result will be.


Q: Can the treatment be used in children or pregnant women?

A: Yes. Because the products do not contain formaldehyde or glutaraldehyde. The ingredients are natural, without chemical reagents.


Q: How long is the duration of the treatment?

A: It depends a lot on the type of hair. Normally from 2 to 4 months.


Q: How many times I can do the treatment?

A: As many times as you deem it necessary. There is no limit of application.


Q: How much time does the treatment last?

A: From one to five hours depending on the amount and type of hair.


Q: After the treatment what kind of maintenance do I need?

A: It is not obligatory to use any special products you can use any products you previously used to. There is a line of personal care products of Mutamba, keeping the result of the treatment for much longer.

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