Keratin hair extensions care

Here you can find useful tips and easy to follow instructions on how to care about your keratin hair extensions.

Washing of hair Gently comb your hair before washing beginning from the ends to the roots dividing it into three or more sections. Washing should never be made with the head down. If this is your first experience with keratin hair extensions we recommend at least the first time to clip the hair in a loose braid on the neck. Begin shampooing and massaging with water carefully from root, following the direction of the keratin hair extensions. Wet hair should be brushed, if necessary, use a brush or comb with wide tooth lengths and tips. Always dry the hair and make sure there is no moisture left. Gather hair into a braid when you go to the pool, at the beach or when you use a motorbike. If bathing in salty water, rinse hair thoroughly with fresh sweet water and dry it at your earliest convenience. Moreover, the content of chlorine in pools weakens the keratin junction so that frequent use of these reduces the life of the extensions. Do not apply hair mask or conditioner directly on the keratin bond, it should be done always at a distance of at least 3 cm. thereof. Always use products that keep hair flake closed, it brings radiance and hydration of hair.

Sleeping We recommend a braid or ponytail done beginning at the neck to prevent tangling the hair extensions while sleeping.

Color It is advisable that you do the color of your hair at least 48 hours before placement of the keratin extensions.

Lifestyle The keratin hair extensions can fit any lifestyle, but we must remember that certain circumstances may shorten the life of the junction point and even cause breakage.

Regular swimming, particularly in swimming pools, may damage the junction because of chemicals in water. We recommend rinsing out with sweet water and drying the root as soon as you can.

Excessive aerobic activity and the steam of the sauna may also damage the keratin in the junction point ant shorten its life. We reccomend wrapping your hair with a towel and drying it at your earliest convenience.

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