Useful tips

If treated in proper way the attached hair extensions can be kept in good condition for about 3 months and more and still can keep their properties.

Here are some useful tips on how to take better care of your extensions:

  • Comb hair using a special comb for hair extensions or a kind with round tips/ends and loose comb teeth. Comb beginning from ends to roots especially if hair is very long, separate hair to at least three sections and comb gently not in a hard way to prevent hair loss. Don’t rub or scratch hair extension roots with the keratin bond in a hard way.
  • Use products with appropriate PH. It’s advisable the hair shampoo and hair conditioner should be be acidic (testing way: when the shampoo dilutes in the water, put drops of purplish cabbage preparation, if the water turns red, its acidic, if it turns blue its alkaline shampoo).
  • Don’t expose the hair extensions under the sun for long time, always wear a hat or put some sun protection on the hair.
  • Be careful with heat – don’t expose the roots with the keratin bond to heat when blow-drying it or using flat irons or rolls.
  • Revise your extensions periodically. Pass your fingers through the keratin bonds to make sure all the strands are separate, if your fingers do not pass you have to make an appointment with your stylist for a revision.
  • Use a special product for daily care such as spray or a serum and carry it with you, it’s better handling your hair using your fingers and the product instead of combing the extensions in a hard way.
  • Don’t apply products with high levels of alcohol on the keratin junction.
  • Schedule your first appointment with your stylist 20-30 days after putting the extensions for a revision and cleaning.