Keratin Treatment procedure

The keratin reconstructs hair, nourishes and restores the shine eliminating the frizziness and the keratin treatment is a procedure for reconstruction of hair.

Also well-known as anti-frizz smoothing keratin treatment it is one of the most sought after in hair salons because, besides nourishing it returns the softness and shine to the hair and eliminates the frizz.

Application process is simple, but must be done by a professional and normally takes 1.30 – 3 hours to be finished. Normally the effect lasts for 3-5 months depending on the brand of the product and the condition of each hair. The treatment is suitable for all hair types and is very efficient in damaged or thick hair.

Before starting this procedure a professional must evaluate the hair condition to make appropriate use of a keratin product. Hairs’ density, strength, curls, perms, dye, bleach, previous chemical treatments performed are evaluated before starting the procedure.

Here are some recommendations before applying the treatment:

Wait two weeks after any treatment with chemicals before making the keratin treatment.

Do not trim your hair before applying the treatment; it should be done after it to prevent split ends.

This treatment is not recommended when pregnant or in the period of breast-feeding.

Steps to follow when doing the keratin treatment

1. Washing. Hair is washed with a special shampoo making a thorough cleaning of the hair cuticle, peeling waste and impurities adhered and opening the hair cuticle for optimum reception of the keratin product. The shampoo stays for 5-10 minutes and it’s rinsed with water. It is advisable to wash your hair twice in order to remove any residues from the hair and the roots, but it also depends on the type of hair and system that is used. Hair is dried with hairdryer until it’s totally dry.

2. Application. The keratin treatment procedure is followed by application of a keratin product using protective gloves and a brush. Hair is divided into four parts and the product is applied using a stirrer, starting from the nape and avoiding contact with skin. It has to be done strand by strand without touching the scalp and the strands must be combed carefully making sure that there is no excess or lack of product. Depending on the system that is used the product has to be left on hair for certain time or dried immediately.IMG_14063. Drying. Hair is carefully dried removing excess product and using a brush. Starting from the back to the sides and the front its finished until the hair is completely dry.

4. Ironing. Specialists recommend usage of irons with titanium coverage and reducible temperature which can be adjusted depending on hair type. If hair is fine, bleached or very harmed the ideal temperature would be between 180°C and 210°C and a flat iron must be passed 5-7 times per strand. For virgin or curly hair the ideal temperature would be between 220°C and 235°C and a flat iron must be passed through each strand from 10 to 12 times for a better result.

IMG_14075. Finish of the keratin treatment procedure and after care. Depending on the keratin treatment procedure and system used hair has been rinsed with water, nourished with a special mask and blow-dried as usual. Some systems require not to wash the hair at least until after 24 hours of treatment, although it is best to wait 72 hours and in case of any unforeseen circumstances hair has been wet before 24 hours, it must be immediately dried with a hairdryer and the iron must be passed slightly to medium or low temperature.

Again depending on the keratin treatment procedure and products used some systems require no usage of clips or rubber bands on hair at least for four days in order to avoid pressure and unwanted marks. Some  brands have after care products like shampoos that do not contain salt for maintaining the maximum result for a longer period. With newest technologies and products there are keratin treatments that do not require the usage of after care products and are very harmless to the client’s health.

The results from keratin treatments are immediate and the treatment must be repeated every four months or as needed.

5 tips for naturally curly hair

If you have a naturally curly hair here are some tips that can make styling of your hair easier.

1. Embrace your natural curls. We often want to change the natural look of our hair by straightening or curling it. Maybe we just have to accept what mother nature has given us and embrace the way we look.

2. Wear appropriate hairstyle. The most suitable lenght for curly hair is starting from the shoulders. Soft layers starting from the chin and going all around your head are the best solution for naturally curly haircut.

3. Conditioning. Moisture is the key when being curly, so try to condition your hair daily. You can use a normal conditioner or use a deep conditioner which will penetrate the many layers of your hair and give the moisture to stay frizz free.

4. Trim your ends regularly.Trimming your hair regularly every six – eight weeks will make your hair lookthicker and healthier something that many curly girls strive for.

5. Use Sulphate-free shampoo and co-wash. Since sulphate shampoos dry the hair in order to cleanse it sulphate-free shampoos keep the moisture in your hair and are less agressive when shampooing. You can also try co-washing your hair using only conditioner insted of shampoo, you can be really surprised from the result.

Greasy hair – how to avoid it

If you want to improve the way your greasy hair looks here are some easy steps you can follow.


1. Wash your hair frequently but not every day. Its recommend that you wash your greasy hair every two or three days. Everyday wash can make the grease glands produce even more oil cause they try to make up for the loss.

For daily washing its better to choose a mild shampoo that doesn’t make your hair dry. You have to find a shampoo that is guaranteed to work for a greasy hair, it can take some time to find the best one that is working for your hair.

2. Use conditioner only to nourish the ends of your hair. You don’t want to make your scalp being greasier that it is, so you have to apply the conditioner only to the ends, preventing your hair from being tangled.

3. Do not over-brush your hair as this may stimulate the oil glands to produce even more oil. Brush only when needed.

4. Do not touch your hair too often. Try to avoid touching your hair especially after eating or preparing some oily food. You may want to pin up or blow dry your hair off your forehead  because hair absorbs the oil from the skin and from the make up you use.

5. Trim the split ends regularly. Regular cutting of the ends makes hair look healthier and thicker.

6.  Rinse your hair with warm water. Hot water dries your hair and makes it produce oil, so use warm water and end the washing with cold water to close the hair cuticles and add some shine to your hair.

7. Find a way to fix your greasy hair quickly for the moments you have to go out and you don’t have the time for washing. You can try to use a dry shampoo or a baby powder, simply rub it into your roots but be careful not to put too much of the product cause you risk to make your hair looks even worse.

8. Be careful with styling products. If you use too much styling products you risk your hair to weight down and touch the scalp absorbing its oil and getting greasy.



Hair loss after giving birth



Most of women experience hair loss after giving birth, though some lose more than others. This is happening because during pregnancy, changes in the hormone levels make hair staying in a resting phase for longer and there is less hair loss on a daily basis. During pregnancy hair seem thicker than usual. After delivery hormones settle down, normally 3-4 months after delivery, a lot of hair shifts into a shedding phase. Loosing about 100-125 hairs a day is normal, but after delivery hair loss may increase of about 500 hairs a day. There’s little you can do about the shedding, other than to be patient. The shedding tends to be most noticeable when shampooing or brushing hair, so shampooing less frequently or letting hair dry naturally instead of brushing and blow-drying may help slow the loss. 
On the other hand regular washing and brushing may help you avoid leaving a trail of shedding hair behind you all day. Try using a thickening shampoo if you feel your locks are getting too thin or try wearing a shorter haircut. Once the shedding phase has ended fine “baby” hair growing along the hairline at the top of the forehead may be noticed. Having bangs can do a lot to camouflage this wispy new growth while it’s growing out.
 Within another six months or so, hair should be back to its normal pre-pregnancy thickness. Its possible that hair texture is never exactly the same – it may be wavier or straighter or more dry or oily than it was before pregnancy. This is probably due to the hormonal upheaval you’ve just been through. 
If the hair loss doesn’t seem to be slowing and you’re still losing lots of hair six or so months after delivery, check in with a dermatologist or your healthcare provider. It may be a sign that you’re low on iron, which is not entirely uncommon for new moms.

10 mistakes that rob the health and beauty of hair

Shiny hair has cuticles, which are naturally smooth and flat, hair is full of water and rich in natural oils that keep the scalp healthy.

Unfortunately, every day we steal the glory and the health of hair without even realizing it.

If we want a stunning shine we should avoid these 10 mistakes that rob the health and beauty of hair.


Even “safe” water can steal the shine of our hair. This is due to the fact that too much moisture swells the base of each hair and makes cuticles to crack. The more often we wet our hair, the less it will shine.


Scrubbing with shampoo

Rubbing the hair with shampoo bubbles may look sweet, but it raises cuticles even more. Using a shampoo with conditioner may help because the individual hairs will not hang out together while rubbing shampoo.

10 mistakes that rob the health and beauty of hair


Now, our hair is wet. What should we do? To remove the water with the towel, not rub with it! A rough towel can cause overwhelming damage to wet hair.

10 mistakes that rob the health and beauty of hair

The negligent skipping of the conditioner

Yes, there is no need to put conditioner on hair every time we wash it, but if our hair is dry, in principle, is much more likely to damage it when making different styles.

10 mistakes that rob the health and beauty of hair

The sun

Harmful ultraviolet radiation from the sun can destroy the natural lipids of the hair and without them it quickly loses its shine. If we cannot stay away from the sun, it is important to make sure that we protect hair with a good conditioner.

10 mistakes that rob the health and beauty of hair

Too much brushing

We should not be misled by the old myth that every night we have to brush our hair 100 times. Yes, combing temporarily helps spread the natural oils trough hair, but in the long term removes whole sections of hair and exhaust it.

10 mistakes that rob the health and beauty of hair

Hot hairstyles devices

Heat is the natural enemy of shine. High temperatures damage the natural lipids that keep hair flexible and shiny. If we still decide to do a hairstyle with these devices, it is advisable to use protective spray containing silicone.

10 mistakes that rob the health and beauty of hair


Chemical hair dye is very damaging because it destroys the internal structure of the proteins in hair. Even if we use a special conditioner that is attached to the paint, the hair will never be fully recovered.

10 mistakes that rob the health and beauty of hair

Permanent curling

Permanent curling is a chemical process that damages hair a lot. It can even completely dry hair and leave us with burned ends and curls. To keep the health of our hair, it’s good to avoid this procedure.

10 mistakes that rob the health and beauty of hair


Tying the hair in a ponytail may seem casual and innocent, but if tie hair back too tightly this can provoke micro breaking in the hair shaft, which will cause bumps and loss of brilliance.

10 mistakes that rob the health and beauty of hair


Straight hair can look stunning especially if it’s long and smooth. One of the most famous used and efficient temporary way to get the perfect straight hair is straightening with flat irons. Todays new technologies has made flat ironing safer than ever allowing us to choose from different kinds of ceramic or metal iron plates to temperature control depending on the hair type and condition.
The first step we have to take before beginning flat ironing is ensuring the hair is well washed and conditioned as well, since a perfect base ends up with a perfect results – wash the hair very well with appropriate shampoo and have it conditioned as well. Use a towel to remove the excess moisture. Dry the hair completely with a hair dryer using a round or flat brush.
Due to the high heat and direct contact of the flat iron to the hair there is a big risk of damaging the hair, leading to dry hair and split ends. But there is no reason that the hair should be damaged if a proper heat protection is previously done. There are a lot of products on the market as silicones, straightening balms and heat protection sprays and mousses that will help you protect hair when used before ironing.
After making sure that you’ve put enough of a heat protection product, preferably applying it beginning from the ends through the rest of the hair, you can begin the hair straightening process. Divide the hair into three or four sections using a hair clips and begin straightening. For better results take smaller partitions of hair and use a comb passing it before the flat iron to avoid kinks. You can do the straightening slowly passing the flat iron more than once and you don’t have to worry since the hair is well heat protected.
When all the sections are straightened a revision is advisable – take bigger parts of the hair especially where the sections were made to make a smooth blending and pass the flat irons through them. Make sure that the backside is well done too and go over the sections that are ready to ensure a sleek and smooth result. You can finish with a hair shine spray to make that glossy final look and enjoy your smooth hair!