5 tips for naturally curly hair

If you have a naturally curly hair here are some tips that can make styling of your hair easier.

1. Embrace your natural curls. We often want to change the natural look of our hair by straightening or curling it. Maybe we just have to accept what mother nature has given us and embrace the way we look.

2. Wear appropriate hairstyle. The most suitable lenght for curly hair is starting from the shoulders. Soft layers starting from the chin and going all around your head are the best solution for naturally curly haircut.

3. Conditioning. Moisture is the key when being curly, so try to condition your hair daily. You can use a normal conditioner or use a deep conditioner which will penetrate the many layers of your hair and give the moisture to stay frizz free.

4. Trim your ends regularly.Trimming your hair regularly every six – eight weeks will make your hair lookthicker and healthier something that many curly girls strive for.

5. Use Sulphate-free shampoo and co-wash. Since sulphate shampoos dry the hair in order to cleanse it sulphate-free shampoos keep the moisture in your hair and are less agressive when shampooing. You can also try co-washing your hair using only conditioner insted of shampoo, you can be really surprised from the result.